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How to Choose the Right Web Designer

Choose your web designer before you choose your website!

Tiger Paw Media is the premiere Web Design, Internal Website Optimization, and External Search Engine Optimization – SEO Service, with proven Top Ten Ranking Positions on Google.

When choosing a web designer to help you promote your business, products or services, you should make sure they have a thorough understanding of all 5 of the main aspects of professional web design.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Whether you are familiar with the science of web design or not, the first thing you should do when talking to a potential web designer for your company is ask for proof of their clients rankings in Google (in writing) so that you may check them out for yourself.

If they can not or do not provide you with written proof of their clients rankings… they are not the web designer for you.

If at least 75% of their clients are not in the top ten in Google… they are not the web designer for you.

2. Page Text Implementation

If a web designer has at least 75% of their clients in the top 10 in Google, then the most likely know how to do proper Page Text Implementation in addition to Search Engine Optimization, because you need effective text content to achieve top 10 rankings for competitive search engine phrases.

3. Navigation Structure

The next thing is to look at the Web Designer’s navigation structure. It should be easy to get around their clients web sites, and you should be able to access every page of a web site from each individual page.

4. Layout Structure

The size of the pages and columns should not change when moving from page to page.

When you change the size to the window the structure should not expand or collapse on itself.

Ideally, no matter the size of the window, the web site should remain centered in the screen.

5. Graphic Design

A true web site graphic artist always strives to build web sites graphically which compliment the companies logo. Since the logo is the personality of a company, the web site should be an extension of the same personality.

Tiger Paw Media client’s have 1000’s of TOP 10 positions in Google.

In order to separate ourselves from all other web design and optimization companies, and to serve our clients properly, we have to take approach that in order to put our clients in the Top 10 in Google, we must be aggressive enough to take Top 10 ranking positions away from others.

Therefore we have no choice but to adopt the philosophy of:

“If you are not our client… You are our prey!”

While this may seem harsh, if we are to effectively and aggressively represent our clients, putting them in the Top Ten in Google is our main priority. Therefore we cannot be concerned with companies we do not represent. Our clients are only priority.

Tiger Paw Media is the web design and optimization company which can prove our client’s search engine ranking position results.

Contact Tiger Paw Media today to discuss your web site needs, including web design, revising your existing web site, search engine optimization consultation or any other web site questions, concerns or needs.