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Black & White Style

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By The Guide

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By The Guide

Black & White Style

Black and white is classic, timeless and an extremely powerful means of communicating simply and strongly to your audience of users.

black-whiteWhy Use Black and White?

There is no doubt black and white has its fans and what those fans love is the versatility of using this medium. Whether you want a striking image or something more subtle, you can do that with black and white.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of black and white is that the image needs to stand alone – there are no colors to hold it up and distract you. It is just what you have in the frame, causing the viewing to be drawn in by the base elements of the subject and not anything more superficial.

Whether you are branding or promoting products or people, black and white is a great way to go.


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