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Effective for Business not Ego

By The Guide

On 08, Dec 2011 | In | By The Guide

Effective for Business not Ego

Plenty of design is about ego, not solid business outcomes. But it doesn’t need to be this way!

You’ve seen it before, a design that looks incredible but is essentially unusable.

This is not how your website should be.

Instead of stroking a designer’s ego (who is just looking to fill his / her portfolio in order to impress some designer friends) you website needs to perform.

If you’re website is what your customers first see – what does it tell them about you and your products / services? If it is not telling them what it should, is it doing it’s job? Is it worth having?

At Tiger Paw you will deal with a designer who understands this. We aren’t swayed by fads and we are not out to impress our peers at the expense of your potential leads. We can help.