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In Awesome

By The Guide

Retro Cool

On 28, Jul 2015 | No Comments | In Awesome, Design | By The Guide

An interesting take on design is to introduce retro styling.

Elements from past generations give a nod to a different time and place where things were different than they are now.

polaroid-danieljpgRetro style points to a number of different elements that all can communicate positive elements about the brand. Retro style points to experience, trustworthiness, old world quality. All elements that can be communicated through design.

Retro elements such as the polaroid camera (Fuji Instax film), chrome plated motor vehicles, drive in movies, jukeboxes, vinyl record players and solid four legged TVs all speak of a time when items were built to last, when mass production didn’t mean cheap and nasty and when the pace of life was not stress inducing but enjoyable.


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