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Why You Need Great Design

On 09, Jun 2015 | No Comments | In Awesome, Design | By The Guide

When it comes to design, some people have the view that it is a nice thing to have, but really it is  an optional extra. Like the cool rims on your new car. They might look good, but do they make any difference? Really?

lovely-stationery-joy-1Well I don’t know about your rims, but I do know about design.

And design matters! You need great design. Here are 3 reasons why:

Design Communicates Values

Design preaches! But does it preach what you want people to hear?

You market will deduce from your design who you are, what you are like, whether you can be trusted, whether you are a good fit for them. All with out a word being spoken!

That is how powerful design is.

Design Makes Things Easier

Good design achieve the outcome you want it to achieve.

Design is not simply how a thing looks. It is about how it works!

And good design is about making a thing work better. How do you want users to interact with your website? Do you want them to buy, to call, to contact you. It all matters. A lot!

Design Puts the Focus on What Matters

Design needs to make the main deal the main deal. If not it is just getting in the way.

Too many designs just create clutter and noise.

It is unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Get yourself a designer who knows what matters and cares enough to translate it into business success.

Contact us today!

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